An Integrated Approach to the teahing of integrated Studies/Design and Creative Writing in Middle School

Sian Kibblewhite
1977, Vol. 10, No. 1,


After spending seven years in Middle School work and being involved in the teaching of Design for a considerable amount of time, I found it a refreshing change to be given the opportunity of being a year co-ordinator. Leading a team of three class teachers and four classes of eleven year olds involved several changes to my usual specialist timetable. Whereas previously I had taught all the Design to ten, eleven and twelve year olds, I now found that my Design classes were confined to my own year (third year) and consisted of four 2Y2 hour periods; one period per class. For the rest of the time, I was involved in the teaching of Integrated Studies, Language and Mathematics.

As head of Design my aims and objectives had been clearly defined. In my new appointment, I found such close links between Integrated Studies, Creative Writing and Design that I felt the strong motivating force they provided should be utilised fully. There are clearly some who have used 'integration' as a bandwagon instead of the highly structured and well organised approach it has to be. I had every intention of fulfilling my aims and objectives using this approach, as I had done previously, but hopefully with better results.

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