John Eggleston, Jeff Hardman, Marshall Hughes, Keith Vickers, Derek Wells
1989, Vol. 21, No. 3,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • A Compendium of Craft Books, reviewed by John Eggleston
  • Design and Designing by I. Burden, J. Morrison and J. Twyford, reviewed by Jeff Hardman
  • The Establishment and Management of Wildflower Meadows by the Nature Conservancy Council, reviewed by Derek Wells
  • Telephone Boxes by Gavin Stamp, reviewed by John Eggleston
  • Shop Fronts by Alan Powers, reviewed by John Eggleston
  • Troughs & Drinking Fountains by Philip Davies, reviewed by John Eggleston
  • SIMCAD Computer Aided Design by OWL Micro Systems, reviewed by Marshall Hughes
  • Technical Drawing by Susan Peach, reviewed by Keith Vickers

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