Teacher Opinion on Technology

Laurence Boulter
1989, Vol. 21, No. 3,


I f the introduction of technology into the curriculum is to be 'wholesome' then we must pay heed to the position of the teacher. We do not really know (I have yet to find evidence of investigation into this area) how they perceive their position or what reservations they have on this issue. I do however feel, through casual discussion and aquaintance, that there still exists a mood, amongst those not obviously involved with high profile initiatives, of concern that many educational values are undermined by such initiatives.

Our picture cannot be complete until their position is ascertained. To this ends I undertook to simply ask as near to a typical cross section of teachers as possible how they viewed the matter. I approached three schools in the local consortium (including my own) with a possible maximum sample of 150-200 full and part-time teaching staff.

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