One Term In Service CDT Courses for Teachers

Paul M. Baker
1989, Vol. 21, No. 2,


The publication of DES circular 3/86 provided an opportunity for staff based in the Department of Design & Technology at Loughborough University of Technology to submit proposals for a series of six One Term In Service (OTIS) courses for teachers of CDT, to be funded through the existing central pooling arrangements. The proposals were accepted, and the first of six eleven-week courses began in October 1986. These courses were under continuous development during 1986/87, each one building on and refining the experiences and lessons of its predecessors. Circular 3/86 stressed the need for partnership between establishments offering such courses and those local authorities who were likely to submit candidates, and Loughborough staff invited CDT and Design Advisors and Inspectors from all the adjacent authorities to participate in the forming of a steering committee. This committee was involved from the very beginning with the drafting of the initial proposal, and met at the end of each of the six courses to review the work and projects covered, and to provide feedback from the authorities involved on the longer term effects of the courses on the teachers involved.

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