Debvelopments in Teacher Education for Design and Technology: An Integrated Approach

George Shield
1989, Vol. 21, No. 2,


In an article published in this journal in 19871 the value of the Two Year REd. for educating potential COT teachers was discussed. The discussion ranged across the limitations imposed by the shortened time span together with the problems of the disparate backgrounds of the students. It also appraised the value of the maturity of outlook they bring to their studies.

The course under discussion was one of the first in the country to be validated by the CNAA and has now been revalidated after its first three cohorts have graduated. This course however is only one part of the expansion of provision for Design and Technology education which is taking place within the Polytechnic.

This article looks at the way Sunderland Polytechnic has responded to the shortage of COT specialists th rough the development of an integrated approach to both initial (see figure I) and in-service training and what this has meant in terms of accommodation and resource provision generally.

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