David Barlex, Bob Booth, Rosemary Booth, John H. Carswell, H. G. Denton, S. W. Garner, John Lancaster, K. J. McAuley, George Raper, Peter Toft
1988, Vol. 21, No. 1,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Design Assignments for GCSE and Standard Grade by Jeff Nocholls, reviewed by Bob Booth
  • Design and Communication for Foundation Courses by Peter Gowers, reviewed by Peter Toft
  • The Celtic Art Source Book by Courtney Davis, reviewed by Rosemary Booth
  • The World of Plastics by the British Plastics Federation, reviewed by George Raper
  • Illumination: A Source Book for Modern Calligraphers by Christopher Jarman, reviewed by John Lancaster
  • Craft, Design and Technology. Materials: Investigation and Choice. A database for pupil use by David Barles, Simon Powell, Sheila Nelmes and Adrienne Jones, reviewed by David Barlex
  • Design in Context by Penny Sparke, reviewed by John H. Carswell
  • Designwise 2 by N. McLean, reviewed by H. G. Denton
  • Airbrushing the Human Form by Andy Charlesworth, reviewed by S. W. Garner
  • Douglas Scott by Johnathan Glancey, reviewed by K. J. McAuley

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