The three year degree in Design and Technology (Hons) at Loughborough University, Design and Technology Department

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1988, Vol. 20, No. 3,


Loughborough has been developed specifically for those who wish to combine creative flair with the application of scientific knowledge in the field of Technological Product Design. The course shares many similarities with Engineering Design and Industrial Design degrees. The degree course at Loughborough develops a competence in electronics, mechanics, and computing as well as aesthetics and modelling. It develops in students the ability to communicate effectively through technical drawing, sketching, verbal presentations and a professional level of written work. Undergraduates are actively involved in designing, making and evaluating prototypes in all three years. This may range from consumer product designs to hospital or research equipment. The department actively encourages contact with commercial clients, and the professional skills developed through this cooperation considerably enhance the candidate's position in the job market.

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