Self Review: A local education authority's development programme for design education within the secondary curriculum

Barry Kilkenny
1988, Vol. 20, No. 3,


As a previous Head of a Design Faculty, the practical problems of transforming traditional subjects into more relevant experiences for both pupils and teacher had offered a considerable challenge.

The faculty was innovative, adopting a corporate professional style to the devolopment of integrated learning programmes and team teaching, within a flexible organisational structure. As a consequence the faculty was often used as a satellite for in-service training, not only with the local education authority, but from many parts of the country. In September 1985 I was invited by the LEA's adviser for Design Education to take up a secondment leading to a M.Phil. award. The research was to be action-based meeting the requirement of the LEA that I should act both as a provider and facilitator for in-service training.

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