Reducing CDT Teacher Supply Problems

Peter Toft
1987, Vol. 19, No. 3,


We print, with permission, excerpts from the preliminary report of The CDT Support Through Change Project.

The progress of CDT is being curtailed by teacher shortages of both a quantitative and qualitative nature. This report documents the first stage of a North West regional project set up to reduce this dual shortage in CDT, and to test a novel strategy for its potential in other shortage subjects, and regions.

The project's seeds were sown at a regional CDT conference in November 1985. This HMI-sponsored event focused on ways of supporting craft teachers in their adaptation to modern CDT practices. Colleges in the region had developed high quality one-term updating courses but were experiencing difficulties in attracting teachers. This problem turned on the shortage of specialist CDT supply teachers able to give pupils sound and relevant tuition whilst their CDT teachers were seconded to one-term updating courses.

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