Two year trained - stigma or star?

Fred Adamson, George Shield
1987, Vol. 19, No. 2,


DES Circular 2/83 'The Initial Qualifications', comments on the continuing shortage of suitably qualified teachers of COT (paragraph 4, page 2) and states:

'The Secretaries of State consider it important that there should continue to be suitable training opportunities for mature entrants and believe that shortened B.Ed. courses have an important part to play in securing the objective.'

In consequence, a number of institutions now offer such courses and it is likely that a considerable proportion of Design and Technology teachers entering the profession in future will do so by way of this route.

What are the problems associated with the design and implementation of shortened courses in Design and Technology? Who is attracted to such courses and how do schools react to them?

It is our aim to explore such issues by means of a case study which seeks to represent the views of tutors, teachers and students on a two year B.Ed. degree which commenced in 1984. Findings are therefore tentative rather than definitive and formative rather than summative, but it is hoped that they shed light on a style of course and type of student both of which are becoming more and more common in the Design and Technology area.

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