John Eggleston, Michael Paffard, Michael Sayer, Denis Taberner
1978, Vol. 10, No. 2,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • The Child and the City by Colin Ward, reviewed by John Eggleston
  • Engineering Science for Technicians Vol. 1 by M. Donagh, Waterworth and Phillips, reviewed by Michael Sayer
  • Teaching Industrial Education Principles and Practices by Robert C. Andrews and Emanuel E. Ericson, reviewed by Denis Taberner
  • Salt-Glazed Ceramics by Jack Troy, reviewed by Michael Paffard
  • American Book Design and William Morris by Susan Otis Thompson, reviewed by John Eggleston
  • Terracotta: the Technique of Fired Clay Sculpture by Bruno Luccessi and Margit Malstrom, reviewed by Michael Paffard

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