B. J. Aylward, Francis Celoria, Marjorie Cruickshank, Keith Gentle, I. D. Jones, Edward Phelps, Keith Riseam, G. Roberts, Ian Toon, F. O. Zanker
1975, Vol. 8, No. 1,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Crafts and Craftsmen by Christopher Chappell, reviewed by Marjorie Cruickshank
  • Learning and Teaching through Art and Crafts by Alan Cotton and Frank Haddon, reviewed by Keith Gentle
  • The New Handicraft/Processes and Projects by Lester and Kathleen Griswold, reviewed by Francis Celoria
  • Design Projects in Technical Drawing: A Course for Examination Candidates by B. G. Cuthbert and M. R. Pattenden, reviewed by G. Roberts
  • Design and Technology - Metal by G. A. Hicks, G. M. Heddle and P. A. Bridge, reviewed by F. O. Zanker
  • Woodwork by J. Maynard and D. Jones, reviewed by B. J. Aylward
  • Design Concept Series by Gerald F. Brammer, reviewed by Ian Toon
  • Introducing Finger Painting by Guy Scott, reviewed by Edward Phelps
  • Craft Education: Woodwork Design by T. Pettitt, reviewed by B. J. Aylward
  • Lettering by John Cataldo, reviewed by Keith Riseam
  • The Complete Book of Woodwork by Charles Hayward, reviewed by I. D. Jones

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