Design is for the Future

Wilfred Ball
1974, Vol. 7, No. 1,


";Socially-aware graduates wanted for practical problem solving";. No, this is not an advertisement for design engineers - but for recruiting police officers. (Sunday Times Magazine, Feb. 17th. 1974). So in ten short years of so, the jargon of Design Education has made its mark. Integration, open-ended problem solving, rational decision making, graphicacy are ideas which now have achieved a currency far outside the parameters of Design Education. Yet, have we really travelled very far in practice? In the 1973 Winter edition of this periodical, devoted to the spread of Design Education ideas, I read ";If problem solving is the educational means to an end, how can it be called Design without successful 3D creativity?";. Creativity .... Yes..... But why 3D? I should very much like to have a musician as a design student on one of my courses. Musical composition seems appropriate to the design process as I understand it. But it isn't 3D.

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