John Eggleston
1974, Vol. 7, No. 1,


Once again we are producing an issue of Studies in Design Education and Craft that is almost wholly in response to our readers' enthusiasm. It is built around the practical development of project activities that embody the integrated approaches that have been discussed so fully in recent issues. This issue addresses itself directly to the actual activity that students undertake in school, college and university.

The issue commences with a detailed account of the day to day working of project activities at the Loughborough University Engineering Design Centre by Rodwell. It follows the outline given in our last issue that attracted widespread attention. Here the progress of a typical project (the 'valve project') is examined in detail. Though the level of complexity and the nature of resources employed are unquestionably beyond the scope of schools the similarity to the strategy and rationale of school based activities is remarkable, and emphasises the general relevance of the integrated design approach to all levels of problem solving

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