Duine Campbell, Leslie Deem, Yvonne Garson, David R. Jones, Dorothea Kay, Patricia Littlefair, Phil Roberts, Cal Swann, J. W. Thompson, R. R. Tyson
1979, Vol. 12, No. 1,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Safety At Home, At Work and In Between by Mandy Ballam, Michael Holroyd and Alasdair Hogarth, reviewed by Yvonne Garson
  • Working with Acrylics: An Introductory course by Peter Thomas, reviewed by J. W. Thompson
  • Drawn Fabric Embroidery by Edna Wark, reviewed by Dorothea Kay
  • Introductory Design Problems by Keith Balkham and Richard Mills, reviewed by Phil Roberts
  • Craft and Design Briefs by Bryan Gunstone, reviewed by Phil Roberts
  • Modern Design in Metal by Richard Stuart, reviewed by David R. Jones
  • Cabinet Making for Beginners by Charles H. Haywood, reviewed by David R. Jones
  • Design Illustration by David Beasley, reviewed by Phil Roberts
  • The Irene Wellington Copy Book by Irene Wellington, reviewed by Duine Campbell
  • Toys from Wood by Peter Scaife, reviewed by Ray Heaton
  • Graphic Communication and Observation by J. A. Austen, reviewed by Cal Swann
  • Roman Lettering by L. C. Evetts, reviewed by Cal Swann
  • Creative Drawing and Design by Ray Heaton, reviewed by Leslie Deem
  • Design Technology in Metal and Plastics by G. H. Thomas, reviewed by R. R. Tyson
  • The Make-it-Yourself Shoe Book by Christine Lewis Clark, reviewed by Patricia Littlefair

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