H. Carswell, D. R. Jones, John Lancaster, S. J. Lodge, Martin Merson, C. Millray, Keith Vickers
1988, Vol. 20, No. 2,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • An Italic Calligraphy Handbook by Carolyn Knudsen Adams, reviewed by John Lancaster
  • Design and British Industry by Richard Stewart, reviewed by John H. Carswell
  • Design Graphics by David Fair and Marilyn Kenny, reviewed by D. R. Jones
  • GCSE Craft, Design and Technology by Richard Kimbell, John Plater and Tristram Shepard, reviewed by D. R. Jones
  • Problem Solving in Science and Technology by David Rowlands, reviewed by Peter C. Millray
  • Technical Drawing, An Usborne Guide by Susan Peach, reviewed by Keith Vickers
  • TVEI and Secondary Education: a critical appraisal by Denis Gleeson, reviewed by Martin Merson
  • Working in Design by the Careers and Occupational Information Centre, reviewed by S. J. Lodge

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