Art and Design in a Multicultural Society

Brian Allison, Martyn Denscombe, Chris Toye
1986, Vol. 19, No. 1,


The Art and Design in a Multicultural Society (AIMS) project is based in the Leicester Polytechnic Centre for Postgraduate Studies in Education and is part of a long-standing concern in the Centre for cultural diversity in art and design. In 1982 a Local Education Authority Research Assistantship was allocated to the Centre to undertake a particular research project into the development of art and design curricula for schools which recognised both the multicultural nature of art and design and the multicultural nature of the schools' populations. Chris Toye was appointed as a Research Assistant to carry out the project and registered for a research degree with Brian Alli~on and Martyn Descombe as Director of Studies and Research Supervisor respectively. The research project reported here continued through from January 1983 to December 1985.

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