A-Level Design and Technology: a past pupil's view

Nizam Hamid
1984, Vol. 16, No. 2,


As an A-Level option Design and Technology (D & T) can in truth only be compared with the sciences; that is mathematics, physics, chemistry and others. This comparison also applies when considering University applications for engineering and science courses. In relation to other subjects at A-Level, D & T is unique in offering a wide area of study to suit individual students whilst remaining within the same syllabus. It can introduce topics, from many other subjects, and join them in a constructive manner. Also to successfully complete practical projects one can often employ knowledge from the other sciences. Though this is not a necessity as skills acquired purely through D & T will often suffice.

Perhaps the greatest value of D & T is that it allows one to apply, from other subjects, knowledge that would otherwise have remained as pure theory. This in turn often sparks a reciprocal interest in other subjects. Such a self-perpetuating effect only serves to widen the range of a student's understanding.

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