Marjorie A. Cruickshank, J. Eggleston, Oberta de Joia, Richard Kimbell, A. E. Lambeth, R. Lightfoot, R. Millett, B. Smith
1983, Vol. 16, No. 1,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Introducing Craft Design and Technology by A. Breckon and D. Prest, reviewed by Richard Kimbell
  • The Design Process by The Design Council, reviewed by R. Millett
  • Design Project No. 2 Heavy Plant by John Jeffrey and Nigel Billington, reviewed by R. Lightfoot
  • The Eighteenth Century Art, Design and Society, 1689-1789 by Bernard Denvir, reviewed by Marjorie A. Cruickshank
  • Industrial Design Requirements of Industry by C. Hayes and K. Dorsey, reviewed by B. Smith
  • Modern Design in Plastics by D. P. Greenwood, reviewed by J. Eggleston
  • Woodturning Projects for Dining by J. A. Sainsbury, reviewed by J. Eggleston
  • Wood Turning Music Boxes by J. A. Jacobson, reviewed by J. Eggleston
  • Young Blood: Britain's Art and Design Schools Today and Tomorrow edited by Kate Baynes, reviewed by A. E. Lambeth
  • A. Century of Art Education 1882-1982 Hornsey College of Art Centenary Book by Clive Ashwin, reviewed by Oberta de Joia

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