Evaluating the CDT Series

Anne Suffolk
1983, Vol. 16, No. 1,


This article evaluates the first transmission of 'Craft Design and Technology'. This new series is Year I of a five year commitment to 'Craft, Design and Technology', which advisers have regarded not only as an important contribution to a newly emphasised approach to the curriculum, but also a demonstration of partnership with curriculum planners, publishing and teacher training.

The report is based on evidence collected from five main sources:

(I) prepaid Report Cards returned to Thames by individual teachers who passed on their views as to the usefulness of the programmes, the appropriateness of content and describing classroom use; an appendix gives a full analysis of 'Craft, Design & Technology' report cards;(2) visits to schools to watch the programmes with pupils in the classroom or workshop;

(3) talking to groups of teachers on in-service courses, including both presentation and 'workshops';

(4) talking to advisers and inspectors;

(5) responding to comments made by individuals.

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