Brian Allison, John Cave, G. D. C. Doherty, John Eggleston, Mal Evans, Dorothea Kay, E. J. Milton Smith, Michael Sayer, J. W. Thompson, Francis Zanker
1981, Vol. 14, No. 1,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Woodwork by Barry Hepton and Roger Way, reviewed by Mal Evans
  • Lettering Techniques by John Lancaster, reviewed by E. J. Milton Smith
  • Oriental Designs in Needlepoint by Eva Brent, reviewed by Dorothea Kay
  • Design with Disabled People by Community Service Volunteers, reviewed by G. D. C. Doherty
  • Sculpting with Cement by Lynn Olson, reviewed by Brian Allison
  • Rodney Peppe's Moving Toys by Rodney Peppe, reviewed by J. W. Thompson
  • We Can Do It Now! by Barry Everley, reviewed by Michael Sayer
  • Electricity by P. H. Alden, reviewed by Francis Zanker
  • Painting and Decorating by P. H. Alden, reviewed by Francis Zanker
  • Know the Motor Car by Malcolm Neal, reviewed by Francis Zanker
  • The Seeing Eye by Gordon Bradshaw, reviewed by Michael Sayer
  • Basic Design by Derek Riley, reviewed by Michael Sayer
  • Projects & Designs in Woodwork by Ian Punter, reviewed by John Cave
  • Woodwork Aids and Devices by Robert Wearing, reviewed by John Eggleston

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