Vol 2, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Cathie Jackson

Research Studies

Exploring the connections between information literacy and writing for international students PDF
Karen Bordonaro pp. 1 - 17
A Reading Strategy for a UK university: Reviewing the literature on reading, literacy and libraries, with particular regard to the HE sector PDF
Diana Garfield pp.18 - 31
Building an information literate school community: approaches to inculcate information literacy in secondary school students PDF
Abrizah Abdullah pp. 32 - 45
Information literacy support for off-campus students by academic libraries in the Republic of Ireland PDF
Philip Russell pp. 46 - 62
Report on user trials for a new BEI database PDF
J.P. (Sam) Saunders, Janet Coles pp. 63 - 73

Articles from practice

Fostering independent learning and critical thinking in management higher education using an information literacy framework PDF
Chrys Senaka Gunasekara pp. 74 - 85
Information literacy at the Service Desk: the role of circulations staff in promoting information literacy PDF
Hannah Hauxwell pp. 86 - 93
InfoZone: an enticing Library and IT induction? PDF
Kathleen Morgan, Geoff Walton pp. 94 - 105

Book reviews

Book review of Craven, J. (ed.) 2008. Web Accessibility: practical advice for the library and information professional. London: Facet Publishing. PDF
Julie Adams pp. 106 - 107
Book review by Nancy Graham of Godwin, P. & Parker, J. (2008) Library 2.0 meets Information Literacy. London: Facet Publishing PDF
Nancy Graham pp. 108
Book review of Cook, D. and Sittler, R.L. (ed.) 2008. Practical Pedagogy for Library Instructors: 17 Innovative Strategies to Improve Student Learning. London: Facet Publishing. PDF
Jacqui Weetman DaCosta pp. 109 - 110