Vol 5, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


The Journal of Information Literacy: taking stock and looking ahead. PDF
Susie Andretta 1-4


Information literacy in United Kingdom schools PDF
David Streatfield, Sue Shaper, Sharon Markless, Simon Rae-Scott 5-25
The search for the Skunk Ape: studying the impact of an online information literacy tutorial on student writing PDF
Randall McClure, Rachel Cooke, Anna Carlin 26-45
Students’ behaviour playing an online information literacy game PDF
Karen Markey, Chris Leeder 46-65

Articles from LILAC

Tailoring information literacy instruction and library services for continuing education PDF
Jessica Lange, Robin Canuel, Megan Fitzgibbons 66-80
Is there a difference between critical thinking and information literacy? PDF
John M Weiner 81-92


A DREaM come true PDF
Hazel Hall 93-94
The IL rubric seen from a student' s perspective PDF
Jos van Helvoort 95-96

Book reviews

Book Review of MacMillan, K. and Kirker, C. (2012). Kindergarten magic: theme-based lessons for building literacy and library skills. Chicago: American Library Association PDF
Alan Carbery 97-98
Book Review of Ruthven, I. and Kelly, D. (eds). (2011). Interactive information seeking, behaviour and retrieval. London: Facet PDF
Andrew Carlin 99-100
Book Review of Herring, J.E. (2011). Improving students’ web use and information literacy. A guide for teachers and teacher librarians. London: Facet PDF
Louise Ellis-Barrett 101
Book Review of Blanchett, H., Powis, C., and Webb, J. (2011). A guide to teaching information literacy: 101 practical tips. London: Facet. PDF
Rachel Bickley 102-103
Book Review of Walton, G. and Pope, A. (eds). (2011). Information literacy: infiltrating the agenda, challenging minds. Oxford: Chandos. PDF
Andrew Eynon 104-105