Vol 4, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


Looking at the evidence: reflections on the need for, and impact of, Information Literacy Education (ILE) PDF
Susie Andretta 1-5


The awareness and use of electronic information sources among livestock researchers in Tanzania PDF
Consolata Angello 6-22
Why would they try: motivation and motivating in low-stakes information skills testing. PDF
Jeanne M. Brown, Carrie Gaxiola 23-36
The citation behaviour of Civil Engineering students PDF
Elizabeth Gadd, Andrew Baldwin, Michael Norris 37-49

Articles from LILAC

They can find it but they don't know what to do with it: describing the use of scholarly literature by undergraduate students PDF
Stephanie Rosenblatt 50-61
Using teaching faculty focus groups to assess information literacy core competencies at a university level PDF
Jodi Tyron, Emily Elizabeth Frigo, Mary Kathleen O'Kelly 62-77
Crossing the Rubricon: evaluating the Information Literacy instructor PDF
Ned Fielden, Mira Foster 78-90

Student views

The role of Information Literacy in the provision of virtual reference services at the enquiry desk. PDF
Daniel Beck 91-94

Book reviews

Book review of Mackey, T.P. and Jacobson, T.E. 2010. Collaborative information literacy assessments: strategies for evaluating teaching and learning. London: Facet PDF
Fiona Bell 95-96
Book review of Burkhardt, J.M. and MacDonald, M.C. with Rathemacher, A.J. 2010. Teaching information literacy: 50 standards-based exercises for college students. 2nd edition. Chicago: ALA Editions. PDF
Nicola Ellen Perry 97-98
Book review of Healey, M. and Jenkins, A. 2009. Developing undergraduate research and inquiry. York: The Higher Education Academy PDF
Chris Bradford 99-100
Book Review of Lloyd, A. 2010. Information literacy landscapes: information literacy in education, workplace and everyday contexts. Oxford: Chandos PDF
Christopher Guy Walker 101-102
Book review of Welsh, T.S., and Wright, M. 2010. Information Literacy in the Digital Age: an evidence based approach. Cambridge: Chandos. PDF
Jane Secker 103-104
Book review of Secker, J. 2010. Copyright and e-learning: a guide for practitioners. London: Facet PDF
Annette Tracy Earl 105