Vol 8, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Broadening the scope of information literacy in 2015: beyond libraries PDF
Jane Secker 1-2


Fostering the integration of information literacy and journalism practice: a long-term study of journalism students PDF
Margy Elizabeth MacMillan 3-22
Developing a new approach to information literacy learning design PDF
Sarah McNicol, Emily Shields 23-35
Faculty-library collaboration: two pedagogical approaches PDF
Karen Marie Øvern 36-55

Articles from LILAC

The value of collaboration: raising confidence and skills in information literacy with first year Initial Teacher Education students PDF
Sarah Purcell, Rachel Barrell 56-70

Special Section: Information Literacy in Schools

Guest editorial: Information literacy in schools PDF
Ross J Todd 71-72
An examination of information literacy instruction on the information seeking skills of primary school children in Jamaica: an experiment using grade six students PDF
Kerry-Ann Rodney-Wellington 73-100
Practices of ambiguity: becoming "information literate" in two Norwegian schools PDF
Margrethe B. Søvik 101-117
Professional self-efficacy and role perception of school librarians and their impact on the development of students' information literacy: an evidence-based study PDF
Ruth Ash-Argyle, Snunith Shoham 118-140

Conference corner

Seminar report: Demonstrating the value of information literacy to staff and students PDF
Philip Russell 141-144
IFLA information literacy satellite meeting, Limerick, 14th-15th August 2014 PDF
Clare McCluskey 145-146
Event report: Writing research proposals and publications PDF
Emma Silvey 147-148
Report from the Second European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), Dubrovnik, Croatia. 20-23 October 2014 PDF
Maria Bell 149-153


Teaching information literacy - the role of the university libraries in Germany PDF
Fabian Franke, Wilfried Suhl-Strohmenger 154-160
Welsh Information Literacy Project: Phase 4 2013/14 PDF
Andrew Eynon 161-164
InformAll - information literacy for all PDF
Stephane Goldstein 165-166

Book reviews

Book review of Whitworth, A. 2014. Radical information literacy: reclaiming the political heart of the IL movement. Oxford: Chandos. PDF
Charlie Inskip 167-168
Book review of Mackey T. and Jacobson, T. 2014. Metaliteracy: reinventing information literacy to empower learners. Chicago, IL: Neal-Schuman. PDF
Christopher Guy Walker 169-170
Book review of Mery, Y. and Newby, J. 2014. Online By design: the essentials of creating information literacy courses. Lahnam: Rowman & Littlefield. PDF
Cindy Gruwell 171-172
Book review of Crane, B. 2013. How to teach: a practical guide for librarians. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield. PDF
Sarah Wolfenden 173-174