Journal of Information Literacy

JIL is an international, peer- reviewed journal that aims to investigate information literacy in all its forms to address the interests of diverse IL communities of practice. JIL welcomes contributions that push the boundaries of IL beyond the educational setting and examine this phenomenon as a continuum between those involved in its development and delivery and those benefiting from its provision.  JIL has an average acceptance rate of 44% for articles submitted to the journal. Journal of Information Literacy (JIL) is the professional journal of the CILIP Information Literacy Group.


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Vol 8, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Broadening the scope of information literacy in 2015: beyond libraries PDF
Jane Secker 1-2


Fostering the integration of information literacy and journalism practice: a long-term study of journalism students PDF
Margy Elizabeth MacMillan 3-22
Developing a new approach to information literacy learning design PDF
Sarah McNicol, Emily Shields 23-35
Faculty-library collaboration: two pedagogical approaches PDF
Karen Marie Øvern 36-55

Articles from LILAC

The value of collaboration: raising confidence and skills in information literacy with first year Initial Teacher Education students PDF
Sarah Purcell, Rachel Barrell 56-70

Special Section: Information Literacy in Schools

Guest editorial: Information literacy in schools PDF
Ross J Todd 71-72
An examination of information literacy instruction on the information seeking skills of primary school children in Jamaica: an experiment using grade six students PDF
Kerry-Ann Rodney-Wellington 73-100
Practices of ambiguity: becoming "information literate" in two Norwegian schools PDF
Margrethe B. Søvik 101-117
Professional self-efficacy and role perception of school librarians and their impact on the development of students' information literacy: an evidence-based study PDF
Ruth Ash-Argyle, Snunith Shoham 118-140

Conference corner

Seminar report: Demonstrating the value of information literacy to staff and students PDF
Philip Russell 141-144
IFLA information literacy satellite meeting, Limerick, 14th-15th August 2014 PDF
Clare McCluskey 145-146
Event report: Writing research proposals and publications PDF
Emma Silvey 147-148
Report from the Second European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), Dubrovnik, Croatia. 20-23 October 2014 PDF
Maria Bell 149-153


Teaching information literacy - the role of the university libraries in Germany PDF
Fabian Franke, Wilfried Suhl-Strohmenger 154-160
Welsh Information Literacy Project: Phase 4 2013/14 PDF
Andrew Eynon 161-164
InformAll - information literacy for all PDF
Stephane Goldstein 165-166

Book reviews

Book review of Whitworth, A. 2014. Radical information literacy: reclaiming the political heart of the IL movement. Oxford: Chandos. PDF
Charlie Inskip 167-168
Book review of Mackey T. and Jacobson, T. 2014. Metaliteracy: reinventing information literacy to empower learners. Chicago, IL: Neal-Schuman. PDF
Christopher Guy Walker 169-170
Book review of Mery, Y. and Newby, J. 2014. Online By design: the essentials of creating information literacy courses. Lahnam: Rowman & Littlefield. PDF
Cindy Gruwell 171-172
Book review of Crane, B. 2013. How to teach: a practical guide for librarians. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield. PDF
Sarah Wolfenden 173-174