The creation of a university library outreach programme to develop the information literacy of further education students: an interactive approach to support transition

Lisa Anderson, Stephen Bull
2014, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 42-57


This paper reports on a library outreach programme offered at a UK research-led university which aims to develop the information literacy (IL) of further education students. It details the programme that is offered and how it has evolved and developed. Some interesting traits and perceptions of pre-higher education students in regard to their IL are discussed. There has been increased demand from schools over the years and the programme has been adapted accordingly. While the programme is intended to benefit students and staff in schools, benefits to the university are also realised. A recommendation is made that this type of activity is rolled out on a larger scale with the participation of other university libraries.


Transition; outreach; information literacy; CPD; further education; university; schools; UK

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