InfoZone: an enticing Library and IT induction?

Kathleen Morgan, Geoff Walton
2008, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. pp. 94 - 105


Purpose: The purpose of the InfoZone initiative was to develop a successful non-credit bearing combined Library and IT induction, to entice students into Library and IT facilities, and introduce them to basic services and information literacy skills early in their HE career. The aim was to navigate students through an ever growing and confusing mire of information and systems, to provide them with the basic tools needed for their first few weeks at University, and in so doing support the University’s retention programme.

Methodology: This paper reports how librarians embraced new methods of working to deliver general Library and IT inductions. Evidence suggests that these new methods including project management, marketing and user engagement assisted the success of this initiative in the continual attendance of students from 2003 onwards.

Findings: Evidence gathered from the past six years of the project suggest it is possible to create a basic combined Library and IT induction which students will attend and benefit from at the start of their courses. The article recommends that by constantly gathering attendance statistics and qualitative feedback from students and staff involved in such an enterprise, the proactive and continual improvement to the delivery of such inductions will occur.

Originality/ Value of the Paper: This paper offers an innovative and engaging formula for the successful delivery of non-credit bearing combined Library and IT induction. This paper also shows InfoZone to be an annual project which needs flexibility to adapt to the ever changing information landscape.


information literacy collaboration induction project management

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