Fostering independent learning and critical thinking in management higher education using an information literacy framework

Chrys Senaka Gunasekara
2008, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. pp. 74 - 85


Independent learning and critical thinking are perhaps equally blessed and cursed in the academe. As management academics we strive to foster these capabilities in our students, particularly our undergraduates, and we are often frustrated by our lack of success or impact. The thesis of this paper is that information literacy frameworks provide a ‘way in’ to constructing engaging, independent learning journeys as summative and formative assessment tasks. A model for doing this is proposed using the Australian and New Zealand Information Literacy Framework. A case study is then provided of how this approach was applied in an Operations Management subject at The Queensland University of Technology, Australia, in a partnership involving academics and library staff. Far from being merely about library skills, the conclusion of the paper is that information literacy offers a rich platform for fostering independent learning and critical thinking that has for too long been ignored or undervalued.


information literacy; business; independent learning

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