LibGuides in Political Science: A Gateway to Information Literacy and Improved Student Research

Jonathan Miner, Ross Alexander
2010, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 40-54


This paper discusses the use of LibGuides as an effective tool for teaching Information Literacy and specifically enhancing student research in Political Science and International Affairs. With myriad evidentiary sources available for course papers, LibGuides provide a framed gateway for library research which reduces student apprehension and enables faculty to guide inquiry to a variety of sources and a multitude of perspectives. Flexible and personal, LibGuides enhance teaching effectiveness by expanding faculty guidance while still leaving the challenges of Information Literacy such as efficient acquisition, evidentiary choice, and ethical use up to the student. Experience and adaptation of LibGuides at North Georgia College & State University provide the evidence in this paper by which Information Literacy is promoted, enhanced, and an improved product in student research.


LibGuides, political science, information literacy, student research

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