Creativity, Innovation and life in the Lily-Pond: nurturing the design and technology family while keeping the alligators fed. DATA International Research Conference: International Keynote

Steve Keirl
2004, Vol. 9, No. 3,


Casting one’s net to capture understandings of creativity and innovation can produce a rich catch that includes: political and industrial ideal; cultural vogue; economic curative; educational whim; psychological theory; curriculum dream; a student’s right; or, a school’s duty. It would seem that everyone in the lily-pond has a claim but what is a reasonable balance and who should decide? If the whole business isn’t just a passing fad then practising design and technology (D&T) professionals have a challenge. The answer lies in a balanced diet of theory, experience, knowledge, history and foresight – and knowing when to chuck which alligator what chop.

Key words creativity, innovation, design and technology, curriculum.

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