DATA Annual International Research Conference 2004 - Paper Extracts

Stephanie Atkinson, Dr David Barlex, Colin Chapman, Chris Chimwayange, Elspeth Collins, Osnat Dagan, John Dakers, Dan Davies, Janet Davies, Louise Davies, John Dawson, Jenny Dein, Ruth Dineen, Wendy Dow, Mike Doyle, Ester Ehiyazaryan, Melanie Fasciato, James Fox, Peter Grover, Debbie Haffenden, J. W. Hamilton, Alison Hardy, Gill Hope, Metthew Hopper, Alan Howe, Neal P. Juster, John Lee, Tim Lewis, Susan V. McLaren, David Miosuser, Andy Mitchell, Bill Nicholl, Tom Page, Maggie Rogers, Prakash Ross, Marion Rutland, Kirsty Smart, David Spendlove, Stephen Thompson, Gisli Thorsteinsson, Dr Noel Williams, Malcolm Welch
2004, Vol. 9, No. 3,


  • A Comparison of the Relationship Between Creativity, Learning Style Preference and Achievement at GCSE and Degree Level in the Context of Design and Technology Project Work - Abstract by Stephanie Atkinson
  • Girls' Decision Processes for Participation in Design and Technology Subjects in Zimbabwe's Secondary Schools - Abstract by Chris Chimwayange and Janet Davies
  • Do We Have an Alternative Methodology for Teaching Design? - Abstract by David Mioduser and Osnat Dagan
  • Exploring Creativity as a Component of the Manufacturing or Making Process: Implications for Assessment - Abstract by John Dakers
  • How do Trainee Primary Teachers Understand Creativity? - Abstract by Dan Davies, Alan Howe, Melanie Fasciato and Maggie Rogers
  • Out of the Box: the Promotion of Creativity in Learners - Abstract by Ruth Dineen and Elspeth Collins
  • The Role of Implicit Theories in the Development of Creative Classrooms - Abstract by Wendy Dow
  • The Evolution of Technicity: Whence Creativity and Innovation - Abstract by Mike Doyle
  • Defining User Requirements and Strategies for a Multimedia Learning Environment Aimed at Enhancing Creativity in A' Level Design and Technology Teaching and Learning - Abstract by Ester Ehiyazaryanm Tim Lewis and Dr Noel Williams
  • Compliance and Creativity? Compliance or Creativity? - Abstract by Debbie Haffenden
  • Enhancing Learning Through Dialogue and Reasoning Within Collaborative Problem Solving - Abstract by J. W. Hamilton
  • Questioning Styles: Observations of Differences in Practice at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 - Abstract by Alison Hardy
  • 'Little c' Creativity and 'Big I' Innovation Within the Context of Design and Technology Education - Abstract by Gill Hope
  • D&T Making a Difference in Black Ethnic Minority Education: the Sheffield LEA ICSYS Partnership - Abstract by Tim Lewis, John Lee, Prakash Ross, Jenny Dein and John Dawson
  • Design and Technology (D&T) and Citizenship: Changing Attitudes? - Abstract by Colin Chapman, Tim Lewis and Kirsty Smart
  • Forensics and Autopsies: Exploiting Popular Culture to Teach Design and Commercial Manufacture? - Abstract by Susan V. McLaren and Neal P. Juster
  • Approaches to Teaching Pupils with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties in Design and Technology - Abstract by Louise Davies, James Fox, Peter Grover and Andy Mitchell
  • Teaching and Learning Creativity - Abstract by Bill Nicholl
  • Creativity: is it on the Key Stage 3 (11-14 years) Design and Technology (D&T) Agenda? - Abstract by Marion Rutland
  • Creativity in Design and Technology and ICT: Imagining Possibilities in a Digital Age - Abstract by David Spendlove and Matthew Hopper
  • Emerging Technologies - Some Strategies for a Future of Design and the Formation of Somatic Experience - Abstract by Stephen Thompson
  • Innovative Design and Technology Education in a Virtual Learning Environment - Abstract by Gisli Thorsteinsson and Tom Page
  • Portfolios in Design and Technology Education: Investigating Differing Views - Abstract by Malcolm Welch and Dr David Barlex

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