An Evaluation in the Use of Internet-Based Instructional Resources and MLE in Support of the Teaching and Learning of CAD/CAM

Dr Tom Page
2004, Vol. 9, No. 2,


This work provides an account and evaluation of the development and integration of internetbased instructional resources and a Managed Learning Environment. They were used to enhance the teaching and learning of computeraided engineering applications in support of engineering undergraduate courses. They provide detailed instruction in the design of 3- Dimensional engineering part-models. The user is guided through creation, analysis of the structural integrity and subsequent planning of the process operations required to manufacture such part-models. Additional internet-based learning resources, in the form of selfassessment tutorials and quizzes, were developed to enable the students to gauge student understanding at staged points throughout the tutorial and laboratory sessions. Moreover, this work describes strategies used to encourage the use of the Managed Learning Environment along with the internet-based tutorials. It outlines an evaluation of the Managed Learning Environment by the students with a view toward setting this cohort’s skills in context via an evaluation over a two year period since its implementation.

Key Words: Managed Learning Environment, Evaluation, Computer-Aided Engineering.

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