Can the Utilisation of an Integrated Learning System (ILS) such as Web Course Tools (WebCT) Aid Teaching and Learning in Design and Technology?

Ray Bland
2004, Vol. 9, No. 2,


Key Words: E-learning, WebCT, ILS, Virtual reality, teaching Electronic Systems and Control.

Charles Clarke, in the foreword of Fulfilling the Potential said:

In support of our commitment to higher standards for all children and young people, I want every school to make excellent use of these (ICT) opportunities, particularly to develop and deliver e-learning, where there are considerable benefits to be gained. (DfES 2003)

E-learning is developing momentum as the associated technology continues to improve at a staggering pace. Integrated Learning Systems (ILSs) support E-learning and have the potential, or so the developers maintain, to significantly enhance the quality of learning and teaching. The purpose of this paper is to explore these claims through the introduction of one such ILS, namely Web Course Tools (WebCT), and examining its potential impact on learning and teaching in design and technology, particularly in the subject area of Electronic Systems and Control.

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