Clare Allsop, Christine Arthington, David Barlex, John Dakers, Wendy J. Dow, Louise Duvernet, J. W. Hamilton, Tony Hodgson, Martin Howlett, Steve Keirl, Tony Lawler, Tim Lewis, Mike Martin, Andy Mitchell, Eddie Norman, Marion Rutland, Rose Sinclair, David Spendlove, Torben Steeg
2003, Vol. 8, No. 3,


The following publications are abstracts by the mentionned authors;

  • A Preliminary Study of an attempt to Introduce PGCE D&T Students to Designing and the Teaching of Designing in the Secondary School - Abstract by David Barlex and Marion Rutland
  • Remembering the C in D&T: Gendered Perceptions of Creativity and Design & Technology - Abstract by David Spendlove
  • Innovation in Design and Technology: the Polymer Acoustic Guitar and the Case for Relegation of 'The Design Process' - Abstract by Dr Eddie Norman
  • The Introduction of Practical Craft Skills into the Scottish Technology Curriculum: A New Beginning or the Beginning of the End - Abstract by John Dakers
  • Making Progress? A Discussion of the Concept of Progress in Relation to Design and Technology Education - Abstract by Steve Keirl
  • Globalisation of the Go: Implications for Design and Technology Education @ 2003 - Abstract by Steve Keirl
  • The Wow Factor - Textiles gets a Boost with CAD in the UK and Australia - Abstract by Rose Sinclair and Louise Duvernet
  • Interaction, Dialogue and a Creative Spirit of Inquiry - Abstract by J. W. Hamilton
  • Technology Students' Views of Intelligence and the Implications for Classroom Practice - Abstract by Wendy J. Dow
  • Is there a Core of D&T Knowledge? - Abstract by Tim Lewis
  • Deyond Pro/DESKTOP Computer Aided Design (CAD): the Transfer of CAD-based Design Modelling Skills from Schools to Higher Education - Abstract by Tony Hodgson and Clare Allsop
  • 'It aint what you do it's the way that you do it' - Abstract by Tony Lawler and Martin Howlett
  • The Presentation of Systems Thinking in Support Materials for Secondary Design & Technology Pupils: A Review - Abstract by Torben Steeg
  • Valuing Progression in Design and Technology Education - Abstract by Mike Martin
  • Electronic Portfolios for Design and Technology. What if...? - Abstract by Andy Mitchell
  • Gifted and Talented Pupils in Design and Technology at Key Stage Three - Abstract by Christine Arthington

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