Designing and Valuing: A VALUED Model for Design Practice

Dr Judy Hodgman
2003, Vol. 8, No. 2,


Design and technology in industry, education and society has changed in the past decade and school curriculum has changed to account for new approaches in design practice. As an outcome of curriculum change, there was a need to develop a teaching/learning model that focused on design decision-making processes. A case study was selected to examine the curriculum development that occurred in identifying skills and processes for design decision-making. The study was designed to draw upon the knowledge and experiences of designers, design and technology educators and to involve students and teachers in the curriculum development process in a practical context. A result of the study was the development of the V-, A-, L-, U-, E-, D- model, that included a process of teaching/learning for design and technology education, which utilised interactive assessment within the design decision-making process. This model has application for design and technology curriculum practice.

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