A Review of the Recent Eco-design Education Initiative for Industrial Design and Technology Undergraduates at Loughborough University

Kevin Badni, Rhoda Coles
2003, Vol. 8, No. 2,


During the last decade one of the authors has worked on numerous industrial design projects. During this time eco-design strategies were not implemented or were only used if they complimented what were perceived as traditional design activities. Recently, due to a number of internal and external stimuli, eco-design strategies are becoming core drivers in industrial design activities. This paper examines some of the drivers and barriers behind a number of British companies and why they are changing to encompass good eco-design strategies. To aid this change, companies and design consultancies are looking for industrial design graduates who have a sound knowledge of sustainable design strategies. Recently, an eco-design education initiative for industrial design and technology undergraduates at Loughborough University was undertaken to try to address this issue. This paper includes extracts from an undergraduate dissertation that reviewed this initiative. Some conclusions of the initiative from both a student’s and from a professional designer’s point of view are suggested and the current and future developments of the module are outlined.

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