Developing capability in technology through collaborative approaches with mathematics and science

Jim Sage
1996, Vol. 1, No. 1,


This article is adapted from a paper developed for the CTC Trust and is based on the work of the ASE/DATA Science with Technology Project. The issues raised in this article have been fully recognised by the Royal College of Art Schools Technology Project and activities to support students in making effective use of their mathematical and scientific knowledge and understanding are included in the materials produced by the Project.

There are many aspects of design and technology that relate to work in mathematics, science and information technology. Helping students to make effective use of these relationships will lead to improved capability in design and technology. This article covers:

  • the issues to be addressed when planning collaborative working in schools
  • some strategies that can be used to addressed these issues
  • the nature of the links between the subjects involved
  • common areas of content and developing understanding
  • the benefits of collaborative working
  • a process for planning collaborative work
  • the implications for design and technology

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