Supermodelling! Developing designing skills at Key Stage 2

Carolyn Chalkley, George Shield
1996, Vol. 1, No. 1,


The strategy of enhancing designing skills in children through their engagement in design and make tasks, whilst essential, is not sufficient. These transferable skills must be developed through a structured programme of activities which not only identifies and enhances significant 'sub-processes' but embarks upon strategies designed to link cross-curricular themes. This article discusses these issues and in particular:

  • recognises that 'designing' requires knowledge in terms of 'subject content' as well as an understanding of design algorithms
  • illustrates an approach which clarifies a significant design sub-process
  • identifies cross-curricular themes
  • suggests a strategy which can be used by teachers working with children at Key Stage 2
  • discusses some of the issues raised

The article is based upon a short period of curriculum development carried out with a small group of children working at Key Stage 2. The work was carried out with children in Year 5 and spread over four sessions of approximately two hours each.

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