Margaret Clarke, Andy Breckon, Elizabeth Grant, Jane Greenwood, Jenny Jupe
1996, Vol. 1, No. 2,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • The Science with Technology Tool Kit Teamwork - reviewed by Jenny Jupe
  • Project Management - reviewed by Jenny Jupe
  • Product Development - reviewed by Jenny Jupe
  • Understanding Control - reviewed by Elizabeth Grant
  • Investigating and Designing Control systems - reviewed by Elizabeth Grant
  • Understanding Sensors - reviewed by Elizabeth Grant
  • Control in Action: Designing a Fermenter - reviewed by Elizabeth Grant
  • Cars and the Environment - reviewed by unknown
  • Green Buildings - reviewed by unknown
  • Human Factors in Design - reviewed by unknown
  • Evaluating Environmental Impact - reviewed by unknown
  • Understanding the Science of Food - reviewed by Margaret Clarke
  • Developing Food Products - reviewed by Margaret Clarke
  • Energy Transfer from source to load - reviewed by Margaret Clarke
  • Managing Energy - reviewed by Margaret Clarke
  • Making Use of Renewable Energy - reviewed by Margaret Clarke
  • Energy in Kalyanpura (Investigating energy and developmental issues) - reviewed by Margaret Clarke
  • Developing Textile Products - reviewed by Jane Greenwood
  • Simple Mechanisms - Focused Practical Tasks: Teachers Book No. 1 - reviewed by Andy Breckon

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