A staff development programme

Arlette Harvey
1996, Vol. 1, No. 2,


This study aims to document and evaluate a staff development programme in design and technology undertaken in Woodford CE Primary School as a result of my attendance at a primary design and technology GEST course. It will focus on:

  • the school development plan
  • identifying the school's needs
  • programme planning
  • evaluation of each activity
  • evaluation of the programme
Woodford :- a brief description

Woodford CE Primary School is a small village school with 77 children on roll and 3.2 teachers. The staff comprises the headteacher, whose teaching commitment is 4/5 of the week, a .2 part time teacher who covers for the headteacher's administration time, a newly qualified teacher (appointed on a temporary contract for a year) and a very experienced permanent class teacher.

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