An interim evaluation of a two year cognitive intervention programme in technology education for Key Stage 4 students

Tony Hamaker, Patsy Jordan, John Backwell
1996, Vol. 1, No. 2,


This paper is an interim report and evaluation of a two-year intervention programme in technology for students aged 15+ designed and implemented by three teachers. It describes the cognitive models that underpin the intervention.

Data has been collected and analysed after one year of the programme. Use has been made of a Piagetian Reasoning Task as a pre/post test and mock GCSE examination results. Actual GCSE examination results will be used to evaluate the full effects of the intervention after the full two-year programme.

The results described in this paper suggest that a story is emerging that such an intervention can improve the information processing capability of the student and that specific or near transfer effects have occurred in technology. There is little or no evidence as yet as to whether general or far transfer effects have occurred.

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