Computer Control in Key Stage 2 Design and Technology: Massed or Spaced, which is best?

Alan Pritchard
2001, Vol. 6, No. 2,


Control is an integral element of the programme of study for Key Stage 2 in the National Curriculum for England and Wales. It seems that developing work with control is the least well undertaken aspect of design and technology in primary schools, and the least well covered element of work in information and communications technology. Two organisational approaches to this work are outlined: a reasonably long period of time devoted just to developing work in control, perhaps as a 'one off' experience relying upon support from outside of the school, contrasted with a series of shorter sessions spread over a term or perhaps half of a term. The relative merits of each are discussed and a mini case study for the first approach is presented. Concluding, it is seen that there are certainly merits to be found with both approaches, and the least effective in the long term may be the one-off approach. This is not discounted however since the con

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