A Pilot Study into the Value of 3-D Sketch Modelling at Key Stage 3

John S. Smith, Krystyna Y. Brochocka, Professor Ken Baynes
2001, Vol. 6, No. 2,


Modelling is fundamental to design and technology. From the initial image in the mind, a cognitive model, right the way through until the final product designers use models. They can use drawings or sketches, 2- D modelling, 3-D sketch modelling or mock ups, mathematical and/or computer models, and prototypes. This paper is an account of a pilot study into the value of the use of one type of model, the 3-D sketch model, when used by Key Stage 3 pupils when designing a product to be made in the area known in the English National Curriculum as resistant materials. The pilot study was conducted at a rural comprehensive community college. The researchers first reviewed the extent of the use of 3-D sketch models by pupils in Year 9. They found that little use was made of this way of developing design ideas and solving problems. In conjunction with the school staff a revised approach to a resistant materials project was set up to include the use of

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