Design and Technology's Contribution to the Development of the Use of Language, Numeracy, ICT, Key Skills, Creativity and Innovation and Thinking Skills

Louise Davies
2000, Vol. 5, No. 2,


This work summarises the contribution of design and technology to the development of language, numeracy, ICT, key skills, creativity and innovation and thinking skills. Adapted from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) scheme of work for the Key Stage 3 Teacher's Guide, the article identifies the teaching and learning pertinent to each of these curriculum connections.

The use of language across the curriculum requirement in the National Curriculum for 2000 indicates areas of language to be used in all subject teaching. Clear links can be made between design and technology and the National Curriculum requirements for mathematics, and the subject will continue to respond to ICT developments as reflected in the rapid changes in the communications industry. Key skills provide a foundation for common areas of learning in Key Stage 3 schemes of work through the six areas of competence, whilst creativity and innovation are mentioned specifically in the importance of design and technology statement.

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