Architecture and the Built Environment within the Design and Technology Curriculum (The Importance of Experiencing 'Real' Design Strategies)

Jim Golden, Ken Webster, Lesley Butterworth
1999, Vol. 4, No. 2,


This paper has evolved from research funded by the Arts Council of England and undertaken by the Design Museum and the Centre for Design and Technology at the University of Greenwich.

The initial research was partly prompted by reports from Schools of Architecture of a recently perceived fall in the quality and scope of architectural and design understanding shown in portfolio work of A' Level students being seen at interview. Our findings not only confirm this view but also reflect recent OFSTED concerns about the overall quality of pupils' designing capabilities. We believe that the built environment has much to offer as a focus for design and technology and can help to address these issues by providing a stimulating learning context where pupils are encouraged to develop a range of design strategies and skills within real projects.

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