What stimulates the creative process?

Malcolm Joyce, Keith Franklin, Penny Neale, Steven Kyffin, Bernard Veronesi
1998, Vol. 3, No. 2,


A study has been carried out to explore the processes of creativity and innovation. This took the form of a three day workshop between scientists and designers. In particular, the study concentrated on the differences in approaches to idea generation between the backgrounds of science and art. The study has raised issues regarding the environments that are favourable for creativity, whether it is art or science-based. It has also indicated that conventional commercial modes employed to stimulate novelty, such as brainstorming, could be outmoded and restrictive. The study has identified gulfs between the areas of science and art in the techniques used for imagination; such as the tools and processes applied, which inspire the transfer of these techniques. In particular, the environment, and changes in this environment have been identified as important factors in the stimulation of ideas; this has implications for the present change culture strategies adopted by many commercial industries.

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