Design and technology in Hong Kong: Good-bye colonialism, hello China!

Kenneth S Volk, Yeung Kai Hing, Siu Kin Wai, Michael
1997, Vol. 2, No. 2,


This paper explores the current practice of design and technology in Hong Kong, based on an approach that, for many years, mirrored the programme used in Great Britain. It focuses on how changes in the economic, social and political climate have affected the design and technology syllabus and programmes.

Specifically, this paper explores the colonial influence on Hong Kong's educational system and how vocational/technical education was introduced, eventually leading to the implementation of design and technology programmes. Features and issues relating to the current design and technology programme are next outlined. Finally, with the new government and resulting policy changes that will naturally influence education, three scenarios for the future of design and technology in Hong Kong are presented.

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