Pro/DESKTOP in Schools: A pilot research study

Prof Richard Kimbell, Tony Lawler, Kay Stables, Tom Balchin
2002, Vol. 7, No. 1,


Following the launch and widespread dissemination of the CAD/CAM in Schools Initiative and ProlDESKTOP (hereafter PDT) software, DATA recognised that the changes that are being brought about in children's designing are sufficiently profound to deserve careful research. This project is a small-scale exploration of the impact of this CAD initiative on children's designing and on the standards of work that can be achieved. Its aim is not to produce answers to these difficult questions. Rather its purpose is to clarify the questions that might need to be asked in a full scale evaluation. Because of the timing of this project and the looming examination demands in Years II, 12 and 13, we were asked to focus on Years 9 and 10. This paper represents a brief synopsis of some of the major issues that emerged through the study.

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