Interfacing Students' Projects with the PIC Microprocessor

Les Porter, Daniel Stanton
2000, Vol. 5, No. 1,


Recent developments in simplifying programming of PIC Microprocessors have made the devices more accessible to students and to school design and technology departments. Our research I has shown that although many Key Stage 4 students are now beginning to use PICs in their design and make projects, for many students driving LEDs to simulate output devices is as far as many get. Our research also suggests that many students are having difficulty using the IC for driving output devices such as motors and solenoids because of the inductive loads created by the device. This induction effect causes electronic noise, which in turn effects the reliability of the PIC and often causes the program to malfunction.

This paper looks at some general solutions to the problem and provides students with some ready-made solutions that could be incorporated into their design and make projects.

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